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食品系英文簡介Department of Food Science and Technology


The department was established in 1980 and named as the department of food sanitation. It offered five –year diploma program. In 2002, it was renamed as the Department of Food Science and Technology providing four –year bachelor's programs. The master program was initiated in 2007.



The goal of the department is to educate students to be food specialists, covering the fields in related to food processing, research and development, quality control and management, food nutrition, food biotechnology, emphasizing in both basic knowledge and professional skills.

The objective of the course design is modernization of food technology and enhancement of scientific research.



Courses of food processing, food analysis, food microbiology, food chemistry, food biotechnology, food hygiene and safety, food nutrition and food management are provided in the undergraduate, master programs.

Programs of study

The outline provided here is for the convenience of students considering enrollment in a particular programs of study, and should be considered as a guide only.




Credit Points


4-year Day-School system














The department has sixteen full-time members including four professors, eleven associate professors, and one instructor. Twelve of them have doctoral degrees.


Teaching Division

Food Processing and Management

Dr. Sy-Yu Shiau, Dr. Chum-Chien Lan, Dr. Daw-I Tzen, Mr. Tsang-Wen Kang and Dr. Wen-Sheng, Wu

Food Analysis and Chemistry

Dr. Huei-Ying Fu, Dr.Chum-Chien Lan, Dr.Tien-Tso Wu, Dr. Ruei-Chu Chang, Dr. E-Lin Lee, Mrs. Siou-Ching Lee and Mrs. Hsou-Jung Lin.

Food Biotechnology and Nutrition

Dr. Jing-Chi Wang, Dr. Sy-Yu Shiau, Dr. Yi-Chen Chia and Mr. Tsong-Ming Lee



The department is well-equipped with various contemporary instruments including spectrophotometer, spetrofluormeter, centrifuges, HPLC, GC ,Hunter Lab, Texture analyzer, ELISA, gel electrophoresis, freeze drier, vacuum fry drier and meat processing and packaging equipment.



Studying in the Department of Food Science and Technology opens doors to an incredibly varied array of positions. Because the knowledge of our graduates is useful to the societies and industries, excellent employment opportunities exist.



The Department of Food Science and Technology has a super range of specialized facilities to support research in the food analysis, food processing and food biochemistry. The department has recently organized itself to reflect its research and teaching strength and priorities. There are three research disciplines: Food Analysis and Chemistry, Food


Biotechnology and Nutrition and Food Processing and Management. To pursue food safety and human health we would diligently educate our students to become better technologists, researchers, and administrators, helping to plan a layout for tomorrow's food industry.


We appreciate your stopping by. For any comments or problems, please contact Dr.  Daw-I Tzen.


Department' s Mailing Address

No.20, Weixin Rd., Yanpu Township, Pingtung County 90741, Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL886-8-762-4002, ext.3021

Fax: 886-8-7624002, ext.5121