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Hsiu-Jung Lin



Name / Position

Hsiu-Jung Lin / Assistant Professor

Office Address

No.20, Weixin Rd., Yanpu Township, Pingtung County 90741, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Tel: (886-8) 762-4002 ext 2425

    Fax: 08-7624002 # 5121

Academic career

Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, Tajen University  Associate Professor,

Department of Food Hygiene, Tajen Institute of Technology  Lecturer, Department of Food Hygiene, Tajen Institute of Technology


Master of Food Science, National Chung Hsing University

Teaching Courses

Food analysis Food instrument analysis Enzyme technology

Research Area

1. Development of analysis and inspection technology for food.

2. Development of simple test reagents.

  3. Application of natural products in the development of skin care products.


Refereed journals

(1)Hsiu-Jung Lin, Mei-Ling Wang, Chung-Wen Chen, Bao-Shyung Hwang, Min-Hsiung Lee, and Youk-Meng Choong. (2000).

A Gas Chromatographic Method for Determination of Nicotinamide, Paraben Esters and Caffeine in Commercial Health Drink,

Tonic Drink and Cold Formula. J. of Food and Drug Anal. 8 (3). (SCI)

(2)Hsiu-Jung Lin and Youk-Meng Choong. (2001). Rapid Gas Chroma-tographic Determination of Synthetic Antioxidants in

Edible Fat and Oil - A Simple Methylation Method. J. of Food and Drug Anal. 9 (1): 20-26. (SCI)

(3)Youk-Meng Choong. and Hsiu-Jung Lin. (2001). A Rapid and Simple Gas Chromatogrophic Method for Direct

Determination of Safrole in Soft Drink. J. of Food and Drug Anal. 9 (1): 27-32. (SCI)

(4)Ming-Hua Yang, Hsiu-Jung Lin and Youk-Meng Choong. (2002). A Rapid Gas Chromatographic Method for Direct

Determination of Synthetic Antioxidants in Edible Fat and Oil. Food Reseach International. 35(7)627-633. (SCI)

(5)Hsiu-Jung Lin, Mei-Lin Wang, Youk-Meng Choong, Chung-Wen Chen, Bao-Shyung Hwang, Shyr-Lin Tsai, Lung-Chi Chung and Min-Hua Yang. (2003)

Effects of Extraction Solvent on Gas Chromatographic Quantitation of BHT and BHA in Chewing Gum. J. of Food and Drug Anal. 11(2): 141-147. (SCI)

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